Satvik Jadhav, Data Engineer
| India
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh July 1, 2016 - June 1, 2020
Data Engineering: Data Lake/Warehouse, Data Modeling, ETLs, Airflow, Docker, Terraform, dbt
Data Science & Machine Learning: Pandas, sklearn
Big Data: PySpark, Kafka
Cloud: AWS - Redshift, EC2, GCP - BigQuery, Compute Engine
Other Skills: Python, SQL (Postgres, Redshift), Linux CLI(Basic), Git
Ocean Technologies Group | Data Engineer October 10, 2022 - Present
Greenlight Planet | Data Analyst/Engineer March 1, 2021 - October 7, 2022
  • Set up ETL pipelines using Airflow and Fivetran for data needs of projects across the organization
  • Create a workflow in Airflow submit spark jobs, and start up a new EMR cluster
  • Set up alerts & monitoring to automatically notify of table status/health
  • Mentor Analysts in use of LookML and SQL, and conduct company wide presentations for the same
  • Collaborate with multiple teams to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and access on Looker
  • Initiated Looker Revamp Project for a more user-centric BI platform
  • Documenting data structure to make data analysis simpler across the organization
  • Creating data models in Looker according to Analytics' need
  • Implementing data access/security in Looker via Looker API, Groups, and Roles
Musify June, 2022 - September, 2022
  • An end to end data engineering project made with Kafka, Spark Streaming, dbt, Docker, Airflow, Terraform, GCP and much more
Personal Website Dec, 2021 - May, 2022
  • Personal website created using Django for Backend and HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Frontend
  • Posts App: Create and maintain Posts/Blogs
  • LiveSearch App: Incremental search in for Posts App
Algo Trading Dec, 2020 - Dec, 2021
  • Algo Trading Futuers and Options via Discord and Broker's API
  • All scripts are hosted on Python Anywhere for 24/7 avalibility, and are automated
  • Set up multiple scripts for automated signal generation; which is then output to Discord
  • Created multiple Discord Bots to track different strategies' trade and log the same
  • Use of Github and Git for version control
English (Native speaker) , Marathi (Native speaker) , Hindi (Native speaker) , French (Limited Working Proficiency)
Photography [ Landscape , Architectural ] , Video Games [ FPS , Single Player , Story Rich , Action RPG ] , Books [ Science Fiction , Action & Adventure , Fantasy , Finance ]